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NativeVision® awards scholarships annually to two Native youth who will be entering their first year of college in the Fall.

2019 Scholarship Application - pdf version 
2019 Scholarship Application - online version

Applications are due May 10, 2019 at 5pm (EDT)

Online applications will be available soon!


2018 Recipients

Raily Reed (Navajo)

Railey is Navajo and graduated from Farmington High School. He will be attending the University of Utah in Salt Lake City in the fall. He aims to study civil engineering because his favorite subjects in school are math, drawing, and science. He has participated in several extracurricular activities including piano, robotics, and art contests. He also played basketball, baseball, and ran cross country in high school. Railey currently works as an intern at an engineering company and has worked on irrigation and water projects on the Navajo Nation. He is very interested in giving back to his community by using his engineering degree to improve infrastructure on the reservation.

NativeVision is grateful to Jack Katz and Panama Jack
for sponsoring Railey’s scholarship!

Shayla French (Chippewa)

Shayla hails from the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians located in Michigan. She has participated in many community service organizations as well as 16 years of dance. As part of her senior capstone at the Arts Academy, Shayla connected with an Ojibwe language professor and drew from stories her great grandmother told her to write and illustrate several Ojibwe language learning books for children in Head Start programs in her community. Shayla is invested in bringing an indigenous viewpoint into film and television and has been accepted to Michigan State University with an intended
major of Film and Media Productions.

2017 Recipients
Tyra Autumn Gloshay (White Mountain Apache)
Shelby Snyder (Navajo)

2016 Recipients
Jonathan Barbee (Cherokee)
Meeya Yazzie (Navajo)

2015 Recipients
Jacob Ty Belin (Navajo)
Shanell Natalie Yenchik (Navajo)

2014 Recipients
Zoey Hooper (Navajo)
Tyson Scott (Choctaw Nation) 

2013 Recipients
Christianna Wilson (Navajo)
Ashley Holiday (Navajo)

2012 Recipients
Briana Dohi
Jhett Williams

2011 Recipients
Alannah M. Yazzie (Navajo)
Jennifer Begay (Navajo)

2010 Recipients
Shelby Bobelu
Sara Chase

2009 Recipients
Katherine Atkins (Cherokee)
Michael Tate (White Mountain Apache)
Noel Hinton (White Mountain Apache)

2008 Recipients
Aaron Celario (Navajo)
Dion Francis III (Caddo Nation of Oklahoma)
Krishana Coriz (Santo Domingo)

2007 Recipients
Albert Her Many Horses (Sioux)
Ethan Amos (White Mountain Apache)

2006 Recipients
Billy Wayne Rankin (Western Cherokee)
Chase Andrew Velasquez (White Mountain Apache)

2005 Recipients
Micheon Gorman (Navajo)
Tara Hueston-Navajo Erik Yazzie (Navajo)

2004 Recipients
Jessica Marie Curtis (Cherokee)
Marcus Brian Dunn (Skaroreh Katenuaka Nation-Tuscarora)
Joannie Suina (Cochiti Pueblo)

2003 Recipients
Jason Langager (Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians)
Dislorei Small - Rodriguez (Northern Cheyenne Tribe)

2002 Recipients
Alvin Garcia (Santo Domingo Pueblo)
Karla Martin (Poarch Band of Creek Indians)
Frances Ruiz (White Mountain Apache Tribe)

2001 Recipients
Leland Begay (White Mountain Apache Tribe)
Kimberly Begolin (White Mountain Apache Tribe)

Photos on the NativeVision website courtesy of Ed Cunicelli.
ed cunicelli/photographer inc.
p.o. box 86
glen mills, pa 19342

May 10, 2019 at 5pm (EDT)


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