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NativeVision® awards two scholarships to Native youth entering their first year of college in the Fall of each year.


2016 Recipients
Jonathan Barbee (Cherokee)
Meeya Yazzie (Navajo)

2015 Recipients
Jacob Ty Belin (Navajo)
Shanell Natalie Yenchik (Navajo)

2014 Recipients
Zoey Hooper (Navajo)
Tyson Scott (Choctaw Nation) 

2013 Recipients
Christianna Wilson - Navajo
Ashley Holiday - Navajo

2012 Recipients
Briana Dohi
Jhett Williams

2011 Recipients
Alannah M. Yazzie - Navajo
Jennifer Begay - Navajo

2010 Recipients
Shelby Bobelu
Sara Chase

2009 Recipients
Katherine Atkins - Cherokee
Michael Tate - White Mountain Apache
Noel Hinton - White Mountain Apache

2008 Recipients
Aaron Celario - Navajo
Dion Francis III - Caddo Nation of Oklahoma
Krishana Coriz - Santo Domingo

2007 Recipients
Albert Her Many Horses - Sioux
Ethan Amos - White Mountain Apache

2006 Recipients
Billy Wayne Rankin - Western Cherokee
Chase Andrew Velasquez - White Mountain Apache

2005 Recipients
Micheon Gorman - Navajo
Tara Hueston-Navajo Erik Yazzie - Navajo

2004 Recipients
Jessica Marie Curtis - Cherokee
Marcus Brian Dunn-Skaroreh Katenuaka Nation-Tuscarora
Joannie Suina, Cochiti Pueblo

2003 Recipients
Jason Langager - Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians
Dislorei Small - Rodriguez, Northern Cheyenne Tribe

2002 Recipients
Alvin Garcia - Santo Domingo Pueblo
Karla Martin - Poarch Band of Creek Indians
Frances Ruiz - White Mountain Apache Tribe

2001 Recipients
Leland Begay - White Mountain Apache Tribe
Kimberly Begolin - White Mountain Apache Tribe

Photos on the NativeVision website courtesy of Ed Cunicelli.
ed cunicelli/photographer inc.
p.o. box 86
glen mills, pa 19342


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