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The Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health was founded at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health in 1991, based on two decades of collaboration between Hopkins   health experts and Indian communities.  The Center’s mission is to work in partnership with tribes to research, design, implement, and evaluate interventions to raise the health and well-being of American Indians to the highest possible level.  All programs are crafted to increase the skill and capacity of tribes.  Each initiative includes a training and employment component to ensure that indigenous workers carry out the work. For the NativeVision program, the Center provides ongoing technical expertise to Native communities to support all aspects of the planning, design, implementation and evaluation of the NativeVision programs. Johns Hopkins employs local program coordinators to oversee the day-to-day operations of  NativeVision on the reservations involved.


The NFL Players Association is a non-profit, professional sports organization that represents the best interest and welfare of NFL players. Currently this mandate encompasses 2,000 active and 3,500 retired players. One of its major mandates is to facilitate the charitable activities of its constituents and the community organizations they support. For the NativeVision program, The NFL Players Association is largely responsible for the annual fundraiser that helps fund the annual camp. It also helps with the management of the sports camps, and enlarging the capacity for Native youth to interact with role models like NFL players. It will also recruit pro-athletes from various sports to adopt and routinely visit the NativeVision communities across America.


The Nick Lowery Youth Foundation aims to help children from any kind of disabling or challenging condition leverage community resources to help them help themselves. In his off-seasons from the NFL, Lowery worked on the White House staffs of three U.S. Presidents on issues from drug abuse prevention to national service and AmeriCorps. Nominated in 2001 as a candidate for the NFL Hall of Fame, Lowery is the first professional athlete to graduate from Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government. For NativeVision, the Nick Lowery Foundation assists with youth development strategies, as well as recruitment of athletes and Native American role models, and development of financial resources.


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